Wednesday, October 19, 2011


For those of you that are "trying" to keep up with what's been going on with us and the house (I know, I've been really bad about this ), here are a few pictures of the progress we have made.  Of course, I have to thank my mom for the pictures since mine are still all on Jodi's camera since I can't find mine :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

2011 Flood

Well, what can I say except here is our house.  The one in the upper middle.  The one that we just finished repairing all the damage that we got from ice dams at Christmas time.

Yes, that would be water completely surrounding it and it looks like up to at least the top of my front window if not up to the roof.  It's too hard to tell at this angle.

The good thing is....we are all safe and together and we actually got almost everything out including the new floor and our ktchen cabinets.  I wish we could have removed bathroom cabinets, carpet upstairs and ect....but we did good and have much to be thankful for.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Long Time Coming

Ok, so I've been just as bad about posting on here as I was the last time I tried to do this :)

In my defense, we have been a little busy around here lately.  We have almost finished all the work on the inside of the house from the damage we got from the ice dams at Christmas time.

We have new walls and paint in the more mold :)

We have new hardwood flooring through the upstairs :)

We have a new ceiling that doesn't leak, new lighting, fixed the beams that were never done correctly when we moved in, and basically painted everything upstairs.

The stairway has been textured and painted.

All we have left inside is to stain and put up the baseboards upstairs, replace the carpet down the stairs and basement, paint the basement, and put a new roof on as soon as it is warm enough to do that.

Then, if you wanted to add in track meets, Easter, birthdays, prom, and any other odd thing that you could throw at us right now.....we may be getting caught up again :)

At least I got a short update on here.....hopefully now that I can get in my office again at home....I should be able to actually post a couple pics in the near future :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gong Show

Bishop Ryan celebrates Catholic Week every year.  There are fun activities planned for the entire week for the school.  Every year the week wraps up with a Gong Show (talent show).  Some years the kids really get into it and others it's just ok.  My children have never opted to be involved in this before.....Alec decided that he and three of his friends were going to do something this time and no one was going to know what it was until the show.  Now keep in son doesn't usually like to draw attention to himself. So this is quite a step for him :)

They borrowed the costumes that Steve & Jodi Pederson and Rod & I wore a couple years ago for Halloween.  Alec is Gene Simmons (if you can't tell) :)  For those of you who know his friends..(in order of how they are standing)...Sam Ebert, Justin Terness & John Bessett :)

Just Like a Fish

A couple weeks ago, Erin decided to join the jr. high swim team.  Now keep in mind that she hasn't "officially" swam since 2nd grade.  She joined the team a week late and had a meet right off the bat.  The little stinker took 2nd or 3rd in all her races.  Not bad for never having swam competively before :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Just Trying to Keep Up

Not much going on lately.....Erin joined the swim team last week.  Hopefully will get a couple pictures of her this week at her first meet.

Ran to BB games all week like usual.  If I don't see another hotdog till summer that will be fine with me :)

If anyone is interested in Norwex sister started selling for the company and would always be willing place an order for anyone.  I had a party for her last weekend.....and it's one of the better parties that you can have for hostess incentives.  I got a ton of free products :)  Can't beat that :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

So Here It Goes

I have been told numerous times that I needed to do this so I will give it a shot.  As most of you know....I am terrible about keeping things up to date when it comes to this kind of stuff but I will try :)

My life in a nutshell is crazy.  Two jobs and three kids keeps my hopping but I love it.  Alec is a junior, Carlie is a freshman and Erin is in 7th grade.

Right now we only have one sport going on (boys basketball) but that's enough to keep us running 2 to 3 nights a week to all the little towns around Minot.  Alec's junior year consists of playing JV and Varsity. 

Last fall we added cross country to our lives for the first time.  I totally enjoyed watching Erin during her races.  And the crazy thing was.....she would get done with her race and still have enough energy to talk my ear off :)

Both girls play softball in the summer and Carlie plays Fastpitch Softball for the Ryan team during the year.
It's a blast to watch Carlie play.....she's got quite the arm on her and can knock the ball out of the park.

When Rod and I aren't running somewhere with the kids...we try to spend some time together.

We also love to hang around with our friends (who by the way are the best!!!)

Gary and Rach

Shane, Julie & Tammy

Steve and Melinda

Tammy, Darin, Rod and Myself

Steve and Jodi

Myself, Marlee & Jodi

Burgard Kids, Pederson Boys & Meschke Girls

Parker, Erin, Alec, Peyton & Carlie


And if we aren't at something to do with sports, or with our friends somewhere, we are with our families who we couldn't function without.

Burgard's, Sundberg's & Haskins